What Our Fabulous Clients Are Saying...

Sandra Denise

Sex Coach, Sweden


Claudia is an amazing coach and woman who has been lighting up my world! I am attracting loving men into my life (instead of following my old pattern of choosing unavailable men). And I am having fun while doing it! I wish every single woman went to her instead of wasting money on shallow dating tips. This is the real deal, it changes you from the inside out!

Christie Tufano

New York, USA


I've just called my soul mate in. And it's in large thanks to you, Claudia Lucida!!!

The inner masculine work I did with you was Key to finding my beloved! Thank you.



Nicole Morse

Florida, USA


As a result of working with Claudia, I'm having the best time falling in love with the divine masculine. I love men! I ended the friends with benefits relationship, and I'm being courted by a wealthy doctor, who's attentive and caring. And I just met a photographer, with whom I shared that amazing creative spark of collaboration. Worth every penny!


Claudia Lucida our session last night was  some kind of fucking magic!! You are a powerful healer! It always is magic. But sometimes I'm just blown away! After the call E and I had the most beautiful and connecting conversation for hours.  Its all such a gift.

This is the third time I remember an instant shift in my reality after your guidance. Thank you!!!

-- Sarah C, Oregon, USA

Claudia has a divine gift of understanding exactly what you need and where you are.  She understands relationships and even more she understands how the attraction process works so that you will find the true goddess inside of you and be able to attract the right men for you.



Lauren F, Texas, USA

I’ve been following your work and buying your self-study courses for a while now. It has 100% paid off. I am engaged to an amazing man. He bought me/us a house near the beach that has a pond in the back yard. He wants to take me to travel the world. He is also willing to adopt my son.



-- Lacey R, Louisiana, USA